Peak Demand Shaving

This is the second issue in a row where Building Operating Management at FacilitiesNet has highlighted an area near and dear to our hearts at SIS with the article “How Automated Demand Response Performs.”  Yet again validating our efforts in tackling this problem for our customers.

Our customers in the mid-tier manufacturing and industrial sector often don’t have the luxury of integrated building control systems but suffer greatly from utility billing structures such as coincident peak charges.  The solution is often the installation of a large dirty diesel generator that cranks up during peak demand calls from the utility.   There is often a significant CapEx or upfront cost for such a system.

We’re been working hard to create an alternative to that solution…one which is much more “sustainable” and utilizes predictive analysis to inform operational decisions that can dramatically reduce peak demand charges.   Look for this product from SIS in the near future.

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