Infographics Inspiration

We love infographics and good design at SIS…so we never miss an opportunity to share what we’re seeing in the market.  Here’s a very interesting look at your utility bill as an infographic that we found in a recent Fast Company piece.   Our friends at Plotwatt are kicking butt by giving you a real time energy bill that cleanly shows how you are using power.

Problem is…this infographic is for a $34 utility bill…at SIS we’re seeing utility bills in factories of over $50,000 and these facilities would greatly benefit from a utility bill like this.  We’ve seen the power of clean data and how it can help reduce energy consumption by thousands of dollars…now that makes an impact.

Our friends at NEST always do a great job explaining tech with their infographics…way to use a popsicle to make me hungry while I think about saving energy.


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