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Water Use = Energy

We recently saw this image from GE ecomagination and thought about what the numbers might look like when you applied this metric to process water used in manufacturing.

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Green Biz Told You So

Middle child syndrome – the name given to the fact that most mid-tier companies’ needs are overlooked in favor of their smaller and larger counterpoints – is about to get kicked to the curb.

‘The sweet spot where most of the [energy efficiency] action will occur is with large and mid-sized non-energy intensive industries, such as computing and electronics, transport engineering, metal/wood/plastic product manufacturing and machinery manufacturing…

As mid- to large-zie industrial companies increasingly wake up to this reality, the energy management software will boom, growing from $960 million a year to more than $5 billion by 2020, the report predicts.” – Green Biz Mag

Instead of saying ‘we told you so,’ we’ll just say ‘Green Biz told you so.’

To get in on this $5B action, check out: SIS.

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Nomaco Case Study

SIS recently completed a lighting upgrade project with Nomaco Insulation (www.nomacoinsulation.com) in Tarboro, NC. Check out the results of this paid-from-savings project!

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Manufacturing the Anti-Recession in NC and Beyond

At SIS, we understand that there is a huge and relatively untapped market for job creation in the manufacturing sector.  Since our founding last year, we’ve launched a handful of careers, helped several North Carolina manufacturers reduce their environmental waste and operating costs, and executed on our belief that going green isn’t just about saving the environment – it’s about saving money and creating jobs in the process. To help explain our passion – why efficiency improvements make sense for NC manufacturing and beyond – we’ve created an electronic infographic. Check it out and send us your feedback!

For more information on how we are launching eco-friendly careers, particularly through our partnership with ACC internship program, click here.

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Peak Demand Shaving

This is the second issue in a row where Building Operating Management at FacilitiesNet has highlighted an area near and dear to our hearts at SIS with the article “How Automated Demand Response Performs.”  Yet again validating our efforts in tackling this problem for our customers.

Our customers in the mid-tier manufacturing and industrial sector often don’t have the luxury of integrated building control systems but suffer greatly from utility billing structures such as coincident peak charges.  The solution is often the installation of a large dirty diesel generator that cranks up during peak demand calls from the utility.   There is often a significant CapEx or upfront cost for such a system.

We’re been working hard to create an alternative to that solution…one which is much more “sustainable” and utilizes predictive analysis to inform operational decisions that can dramatically reduce peak demand charges.   Look for this product from SIS in the near future.

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Job’s Council down in American Underground

It was great visiting with the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness at our offices in the American Underground.  While it was a proud moment to talk about the intersection of manufacturing competitiveness and energy efficiency, our media strategy was instantly killed by the goofy face and pose our CEO made explaining to the equation on our glass wall to Austan Goolsbee and Steve Case.  Glad it got a laugh out of economist Goolsbee and Michael Goodmon of American Tobacco Campus.

We managed to get a little radio love from WUNC…listen for the deep southern accent halfway into the program.  Now if we can just get Jason to stop talking about tech transfer and focus on energy efficiency we’ll be in good shape.

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