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All we have to do is benchmark?

Yep…just knowing how your facility’s baseline stacks up against others can save you up to 5% without investing one dime.   At SIS we’ve seen the power of exposing data to associates working in a factory…by just seeing that their factory still carried an electrical load of 200kW, even at shutdown, they were able to shed another 100kW by just paying a little more attention to systems that needed to be shut off.

There is a great piece in a recent Greentech Media blog that highlights a recent report from our friends at Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room.  Check out the report and check out these quotes from the blog about the energy efficiency market…

The market is expected to reach more than $100 billion by 2017, more than a 50 percent increase from today, according to Pike Research. A study by IMT found that a national benchmarking and disclosure policy could reduce energy costs by approximately $18 billion by 2020.

Energy efficiency is smart business and a good investment…

IMT estimates that benchmarking could generate more than $7.8 billion in private investment in energy efficiency through 2020, yielding up to $3 in savings for every dollar invested.

While SIS firmly believes that most of our sustainability goals can be met with existing technology, under existing regulations it is always good to see local governments take energy efficiency seriously by mandating energy benchmarking…sort of like getting your car regularly inspected to maintain your license plate reregistration.

Philadelphia recently joined a growing list of states and cities to mandate energy benchmarking and disclosure for commercial buildings over 50,000 square feet.


Let’s hope this timeline is conservative!


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Creating Climate Wealth – London

It was an honor to be invited and participate in the Creating Climate Wealth Summit put on by Sir Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room.  Exhausting, frustrating and exhilarating two days of being locked in rooms with facilitators tasked with gigaton carbon reduction with existing technology under existing market conditions.

Our group, Energy Efficiency & The Built Environment, came together around good ole fashion recommissioning of building systems to achieve a rapid 10% to 18% energy reduction.  Now if we could just make those mandatory for every building every three years…much like a car inspection.

SIS is excited to see the PACE Bond Consortium come out of the Carbon War Room efforts.  Innovation in energy efficiency financing will be a key to driving impact with lasting financial benefits.  We look forward to working with the consortium in the southeast to enable energy efficiency on a grand scale.

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